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Some Art while you wait

2016-07-27 21:55:55 by EnderBronze54


Updates Coming Soon

2016-07-20 12:27:57 by EnderBronze54

Don't worry, some updates on Alleyway are coming soon! 









Here's a Balloon Cat while you wait :3

The Papers Mechanic

2016-05-15 12:15:04 by EnderBronze54

I added a Papers mechanic, you click on the papers, and something that's written on them gets displayed on the top-left corner. It actually took longer than I thought to perfect, but I got it down now.

It'll be the games way of conveying certain dialogue from an unknown character.



A Simple Idle Animaion

2016-04-16 16:11:08 by EnderBronze54


Basic Animations

2016-04-10 21:17:32 by EnderBronze54

Fixed up the walking animation. Sorry for bad images.


It still needs some polish, but its pretty good so far.

Alleyway Teaser Trailer

2016-04-09 17:10:38 by EnderBronze54



Some Alleyway Updates

2016-04-08 22:37:56 by EnderBronze54

Added some new levels, some effects, and fixed up some animations.










Development is going along smoothly...

K9 - An Alleyway Song

2016-04-06 22:50:23 by EnderBronze54

A song ironclover made for Alleyway, he'll help me with the soundtrack because I'm completely terrible at making music. Thank you Ironclover! http://ironclover.newgrounds.com